Fall Favorite Desserts | #NouvelleFall

In my recent video, I featured my very favourite fall ginger cookie recipe. Below are my other no-fuss favourites that I make every season.

1. Foodwishes Banana Bread

This Chef John recipe was one of the first breads I ever made! It is so easy and I often make a double batch because it is such a crowd pleaser. I always use frozen bananas, which taste sweeter, and cut down on the sugar by a couple of tablespoons. It also really benefits from a little extra cinnamon in the batter.

2. Clean and Delicious Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookies

Dani Spies makes a lot of healthier recipes that still taste good to the average dessert-eater. These chocolate chip cookies have an almond butter base that is healthy and a huge time saver. I take the almond butter out of the fridge the night before to make it easier to cream. The cookies are super rich and satisfying, and although they are a little more nutty than your average cookie, no one who didn't know your secret would ever guess they are flourless. 

3. Pumpkin custard from Cooking with Dog

If I get bored of all the breads and pies of Fall, this is the dessert I make. It's a sophisticated, light dessert for dinner parties. If you like creme brulée or creme caramel, you will like this one! Not to mention that it smells just like BBW Leaves candle....